Good Christmas Screensaver 1.0


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Date Added:17 October, 2012



Good Christmas Screensaver is a slideshow of lots of cartoonish images with a Chirstmas theme. These images mainly include families celebrating Christmas in different ways, Christmas trees and decorations, and snowed landscapes, among many other things. The images are beautiful and they can be shown with a different transition effect. Moreover, the screensaver is accompanied by lovely piano music, and you can also add your own music from the settings menu. From that same menu, you will also be able to customize the DirectX quality, image size, order of images, image display duration, and animation speed. You will also see an option to add a transparent analog clock in any of the screen corners, but, sadly, this option does not do anything in this screensaver. Moreover, the screensaver comes with a small viewer that allows you to view the images, zoom them in and out, and even set any of them as your desktop wallpaper. All in all, if you are looking for a nice screensaver to decorate your screen during Chirstmas time, Good Christmas Screensaver may be a great choice.

Systems: Windows

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